Most commonly asked questions…

When my investigation is completed, how will I receive my evidence from my case?

When a case is completed with Eye Investigations, LLC, we provide our clients with a detailed report of the events that took place. Video evidence will be provided on a flash drive along important still shots photos from the video.

How do I start a case with Eye Investigations, LLC?
Before a new case is started with Eye Investigations, LLC, the client will be emailed a detailed questionnaire regarding information on the subject being investigated. Eye Investigations, LLC wants as much information as possible on the subject before the investigation starts to increase the chance of obtaining video for the client.
Will I be updated on my investigation while it is going on?
During your investigation, our representatives will keep you informed of the activities taking place on the person being investigated.
Does Eye Investigations, LLC have a minimum on the amount of surveillance hours for one day?
Eye Investigations, LLC has a 6-hour minimum each day a surveillance is worked.
Does Eye Investigations, LLC charge for mileage?
Eye Investigations, LLC does not charge for mileage if the surveillance case is taking place within 50 miles of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. If your case is beyond that 50 mile mark, you will billed at 50 cents per mile.
Is Report Writing and Video Processing included?
Video Processing and Report Writing is included in the surveillance rate for up to one hour. Any Report Writing or Video Processing beyond one hour is billed at the hourly surveillance rate.

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