What is Background Check

Background Checks

It is essential to keep in touch with the candidate’s history of his doings and track record. When hiring a person for a suitable job position, it is one of the far most essential tasks to be performed to gather information to check if the person is who they claim to be. This is looking into someone’s past experiences related to a hiring company’s criterion, known as a Background check.

A background check is linked to applying for a job position, but yes, it can be used when looking for a new residence or purchasing some arms and ammunition. A background check is a cross-check done to validate a person’s criminal records, education, employment, credit history, back records, motor vehicles, license record checks, and other past activities. And yes, it is quite evident that if the other person is asking you for a background check, they are quite severe to hire you either for a job or to give you an apartment to live in, meaning the other party is interested. The background check is a process that usually takes 3-5 working days to be evaluated with a result. Still, yes, there are certain cases and subjects that may affect this estimated result duration.

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The most common types of Background checks are listed and described below:


Employment Background Checks

Employers tend to conduct a background check to be sure that the person they are getting in is no more a threat to a company and will work together to increase the workplace’s efficiency. As per an estimated figure, almost 96% of the employers conduct one or more background screening tests to avoid future inconvenience as the candidate becomes a liability to the employer. This kind of check is most commonly performed when hiring a new person for a job position.

Still, yes, it can also be carried out later during the candidate’s job redeem when the employer considers it to be necessary. Most commonly, an employment background check includes records and information about the candidate’s track record of 7 years of activities and performances. To be sure of the candidate’s consent to conduct an employment background check, the applicant and employees must sign a written permission letter. They must be informed that they might be using the information to make necessary decisions about their employment.


Criminal Background Checks

This criminal background check is necessary for a situation when we need to track a candidate’s significant illegal activity; this may include violence, sex crimes, fraudulent activities, theft, robbery, or felony convictions before carrying out a decision regarding offering a job position, issuing firearms to an individual, adoption of one’s child and yes when renting out an apartment to live in. It is done to ensure that the candidate is no more a threat to the working environment and wouldn’t breach the rules that are set up for the workplace.

A criminal background check is subject to the record searches listed below:

  • National criminal records
  • Country’s criminal courts
  • Domestic and global watch lists


Sex offender registries

The intensity of a criminal background check varies from state to state. Different levels are being identified for carrying out a criminal background check.


Universal Background Checks

Whenever you purchase a firearm from a manufacturer, licensed importer, or dealer, the sellers are directed to perform a universal background check through the National Instant Background Check System (NICS) to check if the buyer has a clean track record purchase his desired firearm. There are specific reasons for an applicant failing this universal background check, such as domestic violence convictions, felony offenses, people with open arrest warrants or criminal procedures being filed, and so on.


E-Verify Background Checks

The conductance of this background check is related to job hiring, and this is a tool used by employers to cross-check the identity and credibility of the newly hired employees. Enrolled employers can be subject to this check through the E-Verify website.


Credit Background Checks

This background check is carried out to check a person’s credit to debt ratio and shows how disciplined someone is to bank policies such as credit and bill payments in the past. It is somewhat considered a standard requirement before applying for a loan or booking a new car.


Personal Background Checks

It is a check that a candidate can perform to check what the employers get to see what they complete a substantial check against the candidate. This kind of review is a self-evaluated check to see if your name goes against any employers’ statements. In this way, one can work hard to improve their on-paper record.

Professional Background Checks

This is also referred to as an educational verification check. This is carried out to check if the candidate’s licenses verify the self-claimed degrees and education levels. Various industries have set a prerequisite that the employees working for them have a specialized license to offer their services relevant to that particular field only.



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